[Written by Charlie Clarke]

Two blog posts in one month? Oh we do like to spoil you guys and ghouls!

To celebrate the official start of spooky season we have decided to share with you the Team’s best and worst of the genre’s villains and heroes.

[WARNING: This blog post may contain spoilers, so read on at your peril! You have been warned!]

Buffy Summers

Where do I know them from? Buffy the Vampire Slayer…duh!
Why they are the best:
She inspired a generation of femxles, kicked butt, fought off some pretty scary monsters and even had time to be a cheerleader for a short while. Our girl is the queen of multi-tasking! But seriously, she was kind, smart, strong and she had a heart. You can’t not love her!


Where do I know them from? Us
Why they are the best:
She’s smart enough to switch places with Adelaide as a child! She’s so clever, she’s the voice of a people, she fights with a political message and she makes the audience empathise with the “Teathered”.

Laurie Strode

Where do I know them from? The Halloween franchise
Why they are the best:
She’s been dubbed by many the OG scream queen and with good reason, she’s smart, she’s resourceful and she doesn’t really make any stupid decisions (we aren’t counting Resurrection here…) We loved her in the original and we’ve fallen in love with her all over again because of the 2018 Halloween re-boot! We can’t wait to see her kick more butt in Halloween Kills very soon!

Billy Loomis

Where do I know them from? Scream
Why they are the best:
Did anyone see him being revealed as the killer on first watch? Because we didn’t! One of Wes Craven’s best ever twists is Billy Loomis – sure let’s take the gorgeous, sweet, caring boyfriend and ruin everyone’s world by making him the killer! Billy paved the way for many other twisted boyfriends in future horrors, some good, some we won’t mention, but he certainly changed the genre!

The Losers Club

Where do I know them from? IT
Why they are the best:
Ok ok, we are cheating a bit here, but can anyone actually pick a favourite member of the Losers Club? No. Exactly! They feel like our friends, the kind of kids we would have hung around with at school and that’s why the audience roots for them and wants to protect them. This is established so well by the teen cast in the 2017 re-make that when it comes to Chapter 2, we have such a strong emotional connection to the characters that certain scenes are really emotional to watch.


Where do I know them from? Candyman
Why they are the best:
Portrayed by Tony Todd, Candyman is a true horror icon. A lot of his backstory was actually developed by Tony Todd himself during rehearsals for the film, this is where the issues of race became prevalent in the series and have been carried through into Nia DaCosta’s entry this year. Candyman takes a bold and unapologetic look at the horror in society regarding race whilst bringing a supernatural twist into it to really leave the audience spooked and shocked.

Glen Lantz

Where do I know them from? Nightmare on Elm Street Why they are the worst: He. Fell. Asleep. You shit!

Amanda Young

Where do I know them from? The Saw Franchise
Why they are the worst:
She’s just so annoying! Not only that; she takes the whole concept of the Saw traps being escapable and throws it out the window! She reduces what began as a franchise with a clever plot point to just another torture porn series…

Heather Miller

Where do I know them from? Texas Chainsaw 3D
Why they are the worst:
She gets a letter detailing every grizzly detail of what happened with the Sawyer family, even telling her that Leatherface himself lurks in the basement of her newly inherited house and what do she do with that letter? IGNORES IT COMPLETELY and then wonders why some crazy man with a chainsaw is running round her house…

Ricky Caldwell

Where do I know them from? Silent Night Deadly Night 2
Why they are the worst:
We’ve seen so much over acting from one set of eyebrows! Also “GARBAGE DAY!” We rest our case.

Julie James

Where do I know them from? I Know What You Did Last Summer
Why they are the worst:
She could have saved the lives of all of her friends by just coming clean and going to the police, instead she makes terrible decision after terrible decision and everyone around her gets killed…nice one Julie!

The Creeper

Where do I know them from? Jeepers Creepers/Jeepers Creepers 2
Why they are the worst: We were promised so much, he was set up beautifully to be a horribly creepy stalker…then he suddenly revealed wings and flew…sorry what?

Do you think we’ve missed anyone off our list? Let us know in the comments, we always love to hear from you guys!

Stay safe and keep it creepy!

Team Superfreak

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