[Written by Charlie Clarke]

With Autumn (finally) rolling in and us gearing up to shoot our Halloween short for this year, we can’t but think back on the (many) times that we’ve dragged ourselves through night shoots to make our films.

So, with that in mind, this month we thought that we would share with you our top tips for surviving a night shoot.

Think about WHERE you are going to be shooting.

Make sure you’re prepared for the elements! If you know you’re going to be shooting outside, you will get cold, even if it’s the middle of summer! Make sure you pack layers, stuff that will keep you warm, things that will keep you dry if the dreaded rain sets in. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a set! If your acting in a film then pack something you can throw on over a costume, like a big outdoor coat or a onesie. The last thing you want is to get poorly because you’ve been exposed to the elements, you want to stay warm, dry and comfortable so you can give your best in your role.

Pack snacks that will keep your energy up.

You don’t want to be flagging on set! Of course the production should be providing catering and craft services, but it never hurts to pack a few things for yourself. We recommend things like cereal bars and fruit (especially bananas), but if you really find yourself flagging maybe have an emergency energy drink on standby!!

Get LOTS of rest before the shoot.

This is a no brainer really! If you know you’ve got a night shoot coming up, for goodness sake get some rest the day before. Treat yourself to a nice lazy, self-care day and a huge lie in. Don’t try and go about a normal day of business (unless this is completely unavoidable), it will only make the shoot harder for you!

Don’t plan ANYTHING for the day after!

The same goes for the day after!! You have earned a day of rest, so make sure you take it. Also use this day to try and reset your body clock a bit, so as tempting as a huge lie in might be, try and get up at a reasonable time and then get an early night.

Remember to have fun!

Don’t forget why you’re on set – to create and to have fun! Sets can be the most fun places to be in the world, so enjoy your time there and remember, everyone is in the same boat on a night shoot, so support each other through it!

There you go, our top tips for surviving a night shoot. We cannot wait to get back on set and we are sure that we will have a night shoot to tackle in the not too distant future!

Do you think we’ve missed something off our list? Let us know in the comments, you know we love to hear from you guys!

Stay safe and keep it creepy!

Team Superfreak

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