[Written by Charlie Clarke]

Another month, another blog post! This year is just flying by isn’t it? With UK lockdown restrictions easing and gearing up to getting back on set, this month we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite Superfreak moments from over the years!

1. Winning the UK ‘My Annabelle Creation’ Contest

Yes, we’re starting with a big one, but this is probably our biggest achievement to date. On a shoe-string budget we decided to enter the ‘My Annabelle Creation’ contest in 2017. We took over family member’s houses, built a confessional in a shed and almost gave up when we lost a whole day’s worth of footage (yes there were tears!), but we still managed to pull it out the bag and were absolutely over the moon when we were picked as the UK winners!! Click to watch THE CONFESSION.

2. Getting on to BBC Three’s ‘The Fear’ with Mr Creak

If you’ve been following us for a little while now, you’ve probably seen our #1MinuteNightmare series that we made back in 2015. Well we loved the story of ‘MR CREAK’ so much, that we decided to create a longer cut for release, which we then entered into BBC Three’s ‘The Fear’ programme. We were thrilled to be picked and to get to see our film open the show on TV, we were even more thrilled when we finished 5th overall! Click to watch MR CREAK.

3. Blood

We wish we’d have kept track of the amount of blood we’ve mixed and used over the years! It definitely been the cause of some of our more hilarious moments on set, most ended up in the outtakes! From having blood spat in our faces, to completely missing the person who we were supposed to be throwing blood at and totally destroying props, costumes and wigs with buckets of blood being tipped over our actors, we’ve definitely had a lot of blood related laughs! Rich had a particularly special experience on one of our promo shoots when Jonno threw a whole jug of fake blood directly into his eye (see the picture above). Jonno of course denies the whole thing…You’d have thought after over 10 years making horror films we’d have this blood thing down to fine art right? We’ll get back to you on that one… Check out our GIVE BLOOD PROMO.

4. Getting ‘Sandman’ into Mayhem Film Festival

Mayhem is a festival we’ve been fans of for a long time! As most of the team hail from Nottingham or Derby, it’s one of our big local film festivals, which over the years has premiered some huge works of horror and sci-fi – so we always wanted to get our own work into it! We actually did manage to get Mr Creak into it, but sadly had to pull out due to our contract with the BBC for ‘The Fear’, but we managed it again a few years later with ‘Sandman’ and we were so proud to sit in the screening and see our work up there! Click to watch SANDMAN.

5. Night-shoot Delirium

This is a fun one! We try to avoid night-shoots wherever we can, often using indoor sets and blacking out windows, but sometimes they are just unavoidable. That being said, when you’re flipping everyone’s body clocks on their head, there comes a point where everyone just starts to feel a bit odd, which often makes for a little bit of on-set madness! We find that keeping everyone stocked up on snacks helps, don’t worry you can feed us after midnight, we promise not to go all bad Gremlin on you!

6. Winning 5 Lamps 24 Hour Film Challenge

Speaking of night-shoots…Five Lamps 24 Hour Film Challenge is one of our favourite events of the year. We love seeing what everyone manages to create in such a short space of time! We’ve entered a few times and we placed 3rd in 2016, but we weren’t stopping until we claimed 1st prize, so when we made ‘Alone’ in 2018 we were over the moon to be crowned the winning team! Check out ALONE.

7. Zombies

Please stop what you’re doing and watch the legend in action above!

And just like that we segue perfectly into the zombies from our 2016 Five24 entry ‘WRECKAGE’. This has made the list for one reason and one reason only – Sarah Thomas – you’ll know her best for creating our #TerrorTutorials over on our Insta and TikTok, but we also know her as THE MOST COMMITED ZOMBIE EXTRA EVER! When we shot ‘WRECKAGE’ we wanted a huge Zombie horde, so literally filled a field with SAs, but one person when above and beyond the call of Zombie duty and when faced with a low fence did exactly what a shuffling brain dead zombie would do – yeeted herself over the fence and flopped on the cold, hard, concrete floor. So what did we do? Well, first we checked she wasn’t hurt (jeez, we aren’t monsters!) and then we made a meme of it of course!! This is still probably one of the funniest moments ever and it still makes us laugh 5 years later!

8. Hitting 500,000k views for the first time with ‘Do You See It Too?’

Last but not least we come to one of the last films we made pre-pandemic – ‘Do You See It Too?’. Now we’d managed to hit 250k views on ‘Best Friends Forever’ which blew our minds, but this was something else. The views on this one just kept coming and coming and we just couldn’t believe it when we hit HALF A MILLION VIEWS!! It was just insane. We are so proud of this film and so thankful to everyone who has watched it! You guys are just awesome!

Have we missed something? Have you spotted something in one of our films or a BTS video that you think should have been featured on this list? Let us know in the comments below, you know we always love hearing from you guys!!

Stay safe and keep it creepy!

Team Superfreak.

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