[Written By Charlie Clarke]

So with Boris’ recent announcement of the UK roadmap out of lockdown, we here at Superfreak HQ are getting SUPER EXCITED that we are getting closer and closer to being back on set together. We’ve got some amazing work in the pipeline, Liam has been busy developing some script ideas and we cannot wait to get them made for you guys!

With that being said, this month we decided we’d share with you the team’s on set essentials. Obviously we know we need cameras, a script, actors, crew etc…but we are talking the slightly more obscure things that we can’t do without. So let’s get into it!

1. Comfy Trousers – sounds a bit silly, but never underestimate the power of a good comfy pair of trousers – especially with good pockets! No one wants to be on a long shoot day or night and feel uncomfortable. So, fellow filmmakers, if you haven’t already, get yourself a good pair of trousers!

2. Pen and Paper – for quite a few team members this one is a no brainer! Whether it’s making notes about specific shots or takes to help with the edit or writing down people’s tea and coffee orders, we cannot get through a day on set without a pen and paper.

3. Bumbag – Do we care if they make us look like we’re on a seaside holiday in the 1980s? No we do not! A bumbag = MORE POCKETS! Add this to your comfy trousers and you’re golden! Plus, they’re great for putting snacks in!

4. Richard – now our DOP Jonno gave us this one (just so you don’t think Richard added himself to the list!) Richard is our CA, grip and BTS photographer and a bit of a behind the camera legend. If something needs to be done, chances are Rich is on it before the rest of us have thought about it. He’s an absolutely cracking member of the team and we certainly have noticed our sets run so much smoother when he is around – plus he makes us all look pretty damn good in the BTS photos.

5. Shot list – this is probably a bit of a more typical thing you’d think of as an essential, but we’ve definitely found that the shoots where we haven’t had a clear shot list haven’t ran as smoothly as when we have. It just helps us make our way through the day making sure we’ve got all the options we need for the edit, as we’d much rather that than be kicking ourselves in the editing suite for missing a key shot!

6. Leatherman – a Richard suggestion here. If you don’t know what a Leatherman is, it’s a multitool and we find we use it every single shoot. Now they are pricey, but honestly, they are worth the investment for sure.

7. Snacks – this is why you need the bumbag!! Got a long day on set? You’re gonna get snacky, so pack yourselves some simple snacks that you munch during turnaround or during a quick 5 minute tea break. We recommend – duo packs of Oreos, flapjacks, Skittles and Nak’d bars! Yummy!

8. Clipboard – a Charlie C suggestion here. When Charlie is ADing, a clipboard is key to keep the schedule, shot lists, sides and anything else that might be relevant to the shoot in. You don’t have to splash the cash on a super expensive one, just a nice sturdy on that will hold everything in its place works perfectly.

9. Hot Hands – other handwarmer brands are available. If you are on an outdoor shoot these are absolutely essential unless you wanna lose a finger! Shove them inside your gloves and they will keep your hands super toastie. Essential for members of the crew doing fiddlier jobs like focus pulling!

So there you have it – our list of slightly obscure on set essentials!! We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a bit more about the stuff we take to our sets and maybe made some of our fellow film makers think about some of their on-set essentials too!

Do you think we missed something? Let us know in the comments! We love to heard from you guys.

Until next time, stay safe and keep it creepy!

Team Superfreak.

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