[Written By Charlie Clarke]

Now normally at this time of your we would be getting all excited for the Oscars and Award Season in general – however Miss Rona has got other ideas, so we won’t get to actually see who takes home the prizes until April this year (boo, hiss…) But, nevertheless, we wanted to do a little post about some of the actors that we are going to be keeping our eyes on this upcoming awards season.

Anya Taylor-Joy

She’s only 24 and already has quite the list of credits, including a few of our favourites here at Superfreak HQ – The Witch and Split to name just a couple! But in the last year she’s had massive success in the Queen’s Gambit and Emma (recieving a Golden Globe Award nomination for both respectively). Alongside these successes she was also a lead star in the Horror geared X-Men Entry The New Mutants and is set to star in Robert Eggers Northman this year staying true to her Horror roots. All of these projects have really made people sit up and pay attention to her and we are sure that we have plenty more amazing performances to come from her. We would be surprised if it’s not long before she is scooping up big awards!

Andi Matichak

She may only have a small amount of credits on her IMDB page, but she has certainly caught our attention when she appeared in the 2018 Halloween reboot as none other than the legendary Laurie Strode’s granddaughter. She was pretty bad ass! We are really looking forward to seeing her again in the 2 Halloween sequels, but also seeing where her career goes next and her next outing in the Horror film Son set for release later this year. She’s definitely one to watch!

Noah Jupe

You’ve probably seen young Noah more than you think! He’s appeared in Wonder, The Night Manager, A Quite Place and its sequel (which we CANNOT wait to see!) and he gave awesome performances in all of them, earning him quite a few nominations for his various roles. Noah proved that he could hold his own against the heavy-weights with an incredible performance in the Tv Show The Undoing alongside Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. We are sure that it won’t be long before he is picking up awards like BAFTAs rising star, we can’t wait to see where his career goes.

Emma Mackey

Sex Education’s Maeve Wiley. You can’t not love her! She’s sassy, she’s a bad ass with a heart and we love her! We are really looking forward to seeing what happens with her character in the upcoming series of Sex Education and what other projects she’ll end up in – but one thing is for sure, we are sure that she’s going to go far!

Alex Lawther

We first became aware of Alex when we watched the Black Mirror episode ‘Shut Up and Dance’ – that twist ending still makes us feel ill – but more recently you might have seen him in the horror film Ghost Stories and The End Of The F***ing World on Netflix. He’s most certainly a very talented and versatile actor and we are definitely excited to see him flourish in future roles.

Robert Pattinson

We can already hears the screams of pain from the Twi-haters…but hear us out on this one. Robert Pattinson has done a lot in the last few years to shake off the shadow of Edward Cullen…or should that be sparkle?…anyway, we’ve just seen him give a pretty stellar performance in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and have you seen the new Batman trailer? We rest our case!

Stanley Tucci

Who doesn’t love Stanley Tucci? If you answered no, then we kindly invite you to leave this blog post. Yes we know he has been around for a while and yes we know he isn’t exactly what you would call a ‘genre’ actor, but with the release of Supernova this year we are sure his performance in that is going to generate A LOT of awards buzz! Plus…Stanley bloody Tucci!

We could have written for ages about these amazing, talented actors and many more! But for the sake of our dear readers we only picked a handful of names. We are very excited to see who the nominees and the winners are this awards season and will continue to check out their amazing performances in the future.

Do you think we’ve missed someone? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time, stay safe and keep it creepy.

Team Superfreak.

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