[Written by Charlie Clarke + Liam Banks]

Happy Valentine’s Day guys and ghouls! Love is in the air, it’s that day where we celebrate all things lovey dovey and soppy, but of course, we have to put a Superfreak twist on it! So we are going to tell you all about our favourite spooky celebrations of love!

Gomez and Morticia

Where you’ve seen them: They first appeared on our TV screens in 1964, they’ve appeared in a whole bunch of films including The Addams Family (1991) and, one of our favourites, Addams Family Values (1993) and they even got their own The Addams Family Musical in 2010!

Why we love them: They are the embodiment of classic gothic love. Gomez is the perfect gentleman, in the most gorgeously twisted way and Morticia is just lady goth goals in every single way – we don’t blame Gomez for worshipping the ground she walks on! Their love for each other is complete and unwavering, it’s cheesy, but not cringe-worthy and we cannot help but fall in love with how they love each other.

Buffy and Spike

Where you’ve seen them: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997), Spike first burst on to our screens in season 4 (1999).

Why we love them: Buffy is a bad ass, Spike’s a bad ass, need we say more? They’re dysfunctional and doomed to fail in so many ways, but we cannot help but root for them to be together. They bring out a softness and vulnerability in each other which is just so endearing – sorry Buffy/Angel shippers, this is not the blog post for you!

The Monster and the Bride

Where you’ve seen them: On screen we first see this pair together in The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), but we first get to know them way earlier in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein (1818).

Why we love them: He was so desperate for someone to love, someone who would not judge the way he looked, she was literally MADE for him! Now, we aren’t condoning grave robbing to make your own perfect partner, but there is something quite sweet about the Monster and the Bride that has turned them into romantic icons in the horror community.

Adelaide and Gabriel Wilson

Where you’ve seen them: Jordan Peele’s Sophomore directorial effort – Us (2019).

Why we love them: They outsmart the “tethered” as a couple, they make decisions as a couple and they do it all with a bit of gallows humour! These characters are incredibly well written, witty and resourceful. Not to mention the sheer level of performance from Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke and let’s face it it’s very refreshing to see protagonists of colour in horror!

Edward Scissorhands and Kim

Where you’ve seen them: Edward Scissorhands (1990) and Matthew Bourne’s contemporary ballet Edward Scissorhands (premiered in 2006).

Why we love them: Edward is an alluring weirdo who comes from a castle, starved of human contact. His innocence and purity is what attracts Kim, he sees the beauty in the world and in her. Unlike her scumbag boyfriend who we see her with at the start of the film! In many ways Edward saves Kim from becoming a bad apple, who probably would have dropped out of high school! In turn, she saves him from the mobs and pitchforks of the community who just aren’t accepting of someone so different.

Tucker and Dale

Where you’ve seen them: Horror Comedy Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)

Why we love them: What a bromance! They certainly aren’t the sharpest tools in the toolbox, but they’re loveable and they make us laugh. They’re always there for each other and do what they can to help each other get what they want. In Dale’s case this is a girl, but we don’t think anything, even Allison, could break up this bromance!

Chucky and Tiffany

Where you’ve seen them: We first met Chucky in Child’s Play (1988), but he didn’t find his love Tiffany until a decade later in Bride of Chucky (1998).

Why we love them: They say everybody needs somebody to love, apparently this extends to psychotic serial killers who’s spirits live inside seemingly innocent dolls…and who better to love Chucky than a woman who is prepared to bribe the law, steal his remains, murder a cop, practise VooDoo and forgive someone who proposes to her, murders her and then transfers her mortal soul into a doll? And they say romance is dead…

Madeline Ashton, Helen Sharp and Ernest Menville

Where you’ve seen them: Campy Classic Death Becomes Her (1992).

Why we love them: Rivalry, plastic surgery and magic potions that turn you into a corpse – stay with us here – there is a reason this film is a cult classic! Bruce Willis being pulled between Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn, who just love to hate each other and can’t live without each other! Ok so it’s not a traditional celebration of love, but we cannot help but love these three.

The Maitlands

Where you’ve seen them: Tim Burton’s Whacky vision of the afterlife Beetlejuice (1988).

Why we love them: Adam and Barbara are newly deceased spirts just trying to navigate their way around limbo, but arguably the most human characters in the whole film. They just want to be left in peace, but they have to deal with the Deetz’s moving in and totally remodelling their house, not to mention saving Lydia from an eternity married to Beetlejuice himself. They’re just all round nice people and we love them for it!

Dani and Jamie

Where you’ve seen them: Netflix series The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020).

Why we love them: One of the most rewarding parts of watching this series was watching this pair’s relationship blossom like the Moon Flowers bloom in the grounds of Bly. Jamie’s unwavering love for Dani is beautiful to watch and although the show is filled with tragedy for most relationships at Bly – the glimpses we get of the pair enjoying their lives together are so beautiful. As the show comes to a close we realise the series was never a ‘ghost story’ but rather a ‘love story’ and Dani and Jamie are at the centre of it. Also that ending had us in tears!

Jack and Sally

Where you’ve seen them: Another Tim Burton creation, The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993).

Why we love them: If you were part of the emo scene in the 2000s we are willing to bet money that Blink-182’s lyric “We can live like Jack and Sally if we want” spoke to your soul! A pure and loving relationship, where they support each other through thick and thin, even when one of you is having a total identity crisis and trying to take over Christmas!

Sydney and Billy

Where you’ve seen them: When Wes Craven flipped the genre on it’s head in Scream (1996).

Why we love them: She’s final girl royalty, he’s the 90’s heartthrob who we all fancied, but who turned out to be a twisted, narcissistic murderer…well shit! Up until the big reveal, we actually love them as a couple, he’s doting and she’s head over heels. It’s just a shame about all the murdering and revenge plotting…

There you have it, a few of the team’s favourite spooky celebrations of love!

We hope that however you’re celebrating Valentine’s day you have a great one! Whether it’s with your boo (see what we did there?), your friends, on your own or with your fur babies, remember to love yourself, be kind and treat yo’ damn self!

Stay safe and keep it creepy!

Team Superfreak

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